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HEY followers! :O

MY new Tumblr is now at this Place wunderfull and free and without any problems. Ahhhh so releaved -_- please do follow back I’m affraid that I’m going to miss some of you guys from the lot but I’ll do my best… cause part of the problems was well is that I can’t see my followers.. tatatataaaan.. tragic see ya on the other site byebye, xxx bye thor and bye all the wonderful pictures I’ll miss you…

OK really big problem with TuMBLR

SOOOo, ….O.o… I have to make my self a new Tumblr :’( I know it sucks and I have to do it cause I CAN’T READ MY MAIL AND STUFF.. so yup I’ll cancel this one after all is done and moved and stuff, and I’ll post my new one on this tumblr… yahh. See ya’ll on the other tumblr guys and Guirlz :P

I have this ERROR this when I click on my dash board so the only thing that enables be to write on my tumblr is the share button on youtube isn’t that awesome, so here’s a new video about halloween and I’m going to try my best to figure out something because I don’t want to change my tumblr anyway… Peace x


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